Chris Christie’s Niece Has Public Meltdown On Flight

Chris Christie's Niece Has Public Meltdown On Flight

( – Not everyone on the Thanksgiving morning flight from New Orleans, Louisiana, to New Jersey was in the best spirits. One passenger, allegedly the niece of Chris Christie, had a nuclear meltdown aboard the flight. However, she denies claims she’s related to the former New Jersey governor.

Shannon Epstein, with no clear indication of any relation to the convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein, was aboard a Spirit Airlines flight when she pulled a strangely offensive move. She asked a Latino family if they were smuggling cocaine, Jason Rivarde, the spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, told

The outlet penned that Epstein became angry and disruptive after the flight’s crew asked her to leave the plane. The pilot, who had begun to taxi the runway, had to return the aircraft to the gate. The spokesman noted authorities attempted to remove Epstein from the bridge, but she refused.

Deputies then attempted to arrest the 25-year-old, but she became aggressive and fought the police. The altercation, during which she claimed to be related to powerful people and that her uncle was friends with Donald Trump, led to six officers suffering from injuries after Epstein kicked one in the groin and bit another, breaking the skin. Authorities finally detained the 25-year-old and booked her, handcuffing the suspect to a wheelchair.

Police charged the alleged niece of Christie with one count of forcefully resisting arrest, one count of remaining after being forbidden, six counts of battery of an officer, and three counts of disturbing the peace. Epstein remained in custody until she was able to post a $10,750 bond. She is scheduled to appear in court on January 23.

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