Chris Cuomo Makes Insane Claim

Chris Cuomo Makes Insane Claim

( – Thousands of officers put their lives on the line every day to protect our communities. But, this weekend, CNN’s Chris Cuomo made an outlandish claim about race and its correlation with fatal shootings by policing that’s drawn quite a bit of pushback.

On Friday, April 16 during his Cuomo Primetime show, Chris Cuomo said that police reform and gun laws won’t change until “white people’s kids start getting killed.” Journalist Miranda Devine scoffed at the phrase and shared some facts relating to the statement on Twitter:

At one point during his speech, Cuomo shared his opinion that “we shouldn’t even have police.” But, defunding the police would leave citizens, including millions of women and children, across the United States unprotected. Dangerous and drunk drivers would have no one to arrest them, and crime would run rampant in our streets.

Racism in any form and against any skin color is horrendous and cannot be tolerated in our great nation. Rather than race-baiting and using emotional jargon to rile up the masses, we must share facts and data that show us the truth of the situation. Only this will move our nation forward and ensure that it’s a safe place for every single person who calls this nation their home.

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