Chris Wallace Future Unknown After CNN Plus Shuts Down

Chris Wallace Future Unknown After CNN Plus Shuts Down

( – In December, Chris Wallace announced on air that he would be leaving his position at Fox News. Reports soon surfaced claiming Wallace was heading to CNN to be part of its streaming platform, CNN+. However, not even a month after its launch, the network has decided to put an end to its streaming service, leaving Wallace’s future uncertain.

CNN announced it would be shutting down CNN+ on April 30, after just launching on March 29. The network mentioned employees the shutdown affected would receive 90 days of pay after April 30, adding anyone who didn’t fall into a job with CNN would receive an additional six months of severance pay. It’s unclear where Wallace will ultimately land.

At least the veteran journalist has time to figure out what he’s going to do next, which remains a mystery to everyone else, possibly even to himself. He left Fox News after 18 years of working for the network, claiming the climate became unstable when several of his former coworkers began discrediting the 2020 election’s outcome.

Several people took to Twitter, both to bash and support Wallace. Some joked the 74-year-old would create a podcast, while others claimed he got what he deserved after leaving Fox News for CNN. Wallace has been critical of both Democrats and Republicans throughout his career despite allegations that he’s become a leftist. Regardless, whatever Wallace does next, it will be sure to gain the media’s attention.

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