Chuck Schumer Calls For Briefing Into Classified Pentagon Documents’ Leak

( – New York Democrat and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called for the White House on Tuesday to brief US senators on the leak of classified Pentagon documents that showed top-secret details about the Ukraine-Russia war. Schumer announced his request through a spokesperson, with no date or time set for the briefing as the Upper Chamber is currently in recess and will resume its legislative activities next week.

As reported by different media outlets over the weekend, the leaked classified Pentagon documents showed some delicate details regarding Ukraine’s military and air-defense capabilities, which analysts point out it could run out of in May. Experts said this is a deeply concerning situation as the Ukrainian forces won’t be able to protect the country lines for more than a few weeks, which gives Russia a significant advantage that could eventually capitalize.

As reported by the Washington Post, one of the classified documents say that Ukraine’s ability to protect itself with medium range air defense will be “completely reduced by May 23rd.” The document also says that Ukraine won’t be able to properly defend itself against Russia’s aerial attacks from every single altitude as the 2nd and 3rd Layer Defense munitions will start to get dramatically reduced once the 1st Layer runs out of ammunition.

The Pentagon and US Justice Department already announced they are going to investigate not only the documents’ authenticity but also what or who leaked this top-secret information.

On Monday, assistant to the Secretary of Defense for public affairs Chris Meagher told reporters during a press conference that the US Department of Defense was already making its biggest effort to assess impact and mitigation measures. A day before, the intelligence directorate representative of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry Adriy Yosv said in a televised speech that the Kremlin altered the classified Pentagon documents through the use of Photoshop for propaganda efforts.

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