CIA Officer Who Signed Letters on Hunter Biden’s Laptop Takes Credit for Trump’s 2020 Loss

CIA Officer Who Signed Letters on Hunter Biden's Laptop Takes Credit for Trump's 2020 Loss

( – Discrediting Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop may have helped his father, President Joe Biden, win the 2020 election, according to a man who told the world it was Russian disinformation. John Sipher, one of 50 US intelligence officers to sign off on a letter calling the laptop a hoax, bragged about “swinging the election” on Twitter.

Origins of a Scandal

When the New York Post first reported about a laptop allegedly belonging to President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, the media went into a frenzy. According to the Post, the device’s hard drive contained emails showing a connection between Ukrainian businessmen and President Joe Biden, who was vice president at the time. The information found itself swept under the liberal media’s giant 2020 rug, as they circled the wagons to protect the elder Biden, running for president against then-incumbent President Donald Trump.

Politico and others engaged in a campaign to discredit not only the authenticity of the hard drive but its very existence as well, calling the Post’s story “Russian disinformation.” The Washington Post, after being on board with the narrative that the laptop never existed, only recently admitted that it was real.

More Credibility Lost

Actions that bring into question the integrity of elected officials in our highest offices and the election process, in general, are detrimental to American democracy. When these media outlets engaged in their own apparent disinformation campaign, they seemingly lost credibility. But did they? If the Washington Post caters to the Left, will their readers really care, or will they simply buy their excuses? Those questions, and their answers, are predictable and to be expected.

What’s not expected is for people working for our own country’s clandestine services seemingly taking the side of a story for political reasons rather than telling the truth. Sipher, along with his co-signers, may have called into question everything the intelligence community has said about the former administration.

Former AG Weighs In

Former Attorney General William Barr says suppressing Hunter Biden’s emails had a definite impact on the 2020 presidential election. Had the information on his laptop been made public rather than tossed aside and discredited, the American voting public may not have been so eager to believe his father was the honest, soul-of-a-nation role model he portrayed himself to be.

According to Barr, whether or not there was any criminal activity isn’t really the point. The information itself being suppressed and treated as nonsense is shameful at best.

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