CIA Staffers Were Abusing Children In Mass – And Getting Away With It

CIA Staffers Were Abusing Children In Mass - And Getting Away With It

( – Declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents obtained by BuzzFeed News through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) are shedding new light on the CIA’s repeated failure to address heinous crimes committed by its own staff. The report suggests that at least ten individuals committed shocking examples of criminal misconduct between 2004 and 2019, ranging from simple billing irregularities to sex crimes against minors.

Only one person involved ever faced criminal charges. However, according to BuzzFeed’s documentation, that individual was already under investigation for mishandling classified material.

As with all federal agencies, The Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigates federal personnel accused of violating agency policies or criminal activity. However, the CIA is known to conduct its own internal investigations, rarely seeking external legal actions against employees for fear of revealing agency sources, secrets, and operational methods.

BuzzFeed’s report reveals many occasions where agency staffers and contractors should have been criminally charged for heinous crimes against children but weren’t ever held accountable.

  • An agency employee admitted to purchasing sexually explicit videos of underage girls recorded by the victim’s mother. While no criminal charges were filed, the employee was forced to resign.
  • A CIA contractor was caught by an undercover FBI agent trying to have sex with a child. No charges were filed, but the CIA did revoke his contract.
  • An employee admitted to viewing over 1,400 sexual images of children while at work. However, the documents do not say if the CIA took any criminal action against him.
  • A CIA staffer who admitted to having sexual activity with a two-year-old and a six-year-old on two separate occasions was only fired. The individual was never criminally charged.

The CIA has hard evidence of employees and staffers committing sickening crimes, such as the sexual abuse of children. Will the CIA stop at nothing to protect its own dirty little secrets?

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