CIA Thinks Russian Coup May Be Staged

( – Former Central Intelligence Agency analyst Rebekah Koffler said during a June 25 interview that the recent march of Russia’s Wagner against the Kremlin was “staged” by President Vladimir Putin. Koffler told Fox News host Eric Shawn that the Russian leader took this step to reinforce his support for the invasion of Ukraine and boost his political power.

Koffler, who was born in Russia, claimed it wasn’t a coincidence that Wagner’s chief Yevgeny Prigozhin suddenly decided to turn his troops around when they were near Moscow. She added that one of the most important elements of this “staged coup” was to make everyone believe there was some kind of negotiation and an eventual deal.

When asked whether this was made to “confuse” the Biden administration, the former CIA analyst agreed. She explained that this mutiny was created to show US President Joe Biden that Russia “isn’t a threat” and that this country is involved in its “domestic turmoil.” She told Shawn this is nothing more than a “classic distraction” that Putin created.

Different reports have been showing that some US intelligence agencies suspect that the Russian leader was fully aware of Prigozhin’s rebellion against the Kremlin. However, the agencies allegedly felt confused by the way Putin refused to take any action against Wagner during their march. The reports point out that the “rarest” situation has been Putin’s willingness to accept a deal with Prigozhin, brokered by Belarus’ dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

Koffler explained that Putin wants the US and its Western allies to believe he’s in a weak position and he’s suffering the threat of a “military insurrection.” She pointed out he also wants Russians to believe this, and that the endgame is to make “surprise moves” in Ukraine and be able to declare martial law in Russia.

Finally, the former CIA analyst told Shawn that Prigozhin is a “highly intelligent” man. She said not so many would have been able to become multi-millionaires and chiefs of a mercenary group after being hot dog stand owners.

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