Cities Seeing Immigrants While Others Have Yet To See Any

( – Rhinelander is a city in Wisconsin that has seen very few migrants as it’s quite a ways away from Mexico, but Donald Trump still claims that immigrants are “invading.” Some people, like Jim Schuh, a manager of a bakery, are voting accordingly as they feel like President Biden is the reason to blame for the invasion.

“We don’t see immigrants here but I have relatives all over the country and they see them,” said Schuh. “That’s Biden. He’s responsible.”

Many voters in swing states agree with Schuh and will be voting accordingly, which could greatly affect the election results. Many of the swing states are the ones that are experiencing the brunt of immigration as their cities have been seeing an influx.

Trump has been pushing the fear of migration in Wisconsin because the election results in that state for the last two terms have been decided by a margin of less than one percent. Whitewater, a small city in Wisconsin, is being used as a “poster child” for migration. Dan Meyer, Wisconsin City Police Chief, requested federal assistance to the city after they encountered over one thousand migrants from Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Meyer addressed a letter to Joe Biden stating that he wasn’t being hostile to the migrants, but rather he was worried about the “terrible living conditions” that were being endured by some of them. Wrote Meyer, “We’ve seen a family living in a 10ft x 10ft shed in minus 10 degree temperatures.”

The blame still sits on Biden’s shoulders; Meyer expressed that he was happy about the diversity that the immigrants bring, but that the living conditions need to be accommodated.

A six-year city council member, Brienne Brown, said that residents of Whitewater were welcoming of migrants; this allowed them to get jobs and take over certain positions, but this is also what led to Whitewater being a “poster child” for the rest of the state and country.

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