City Joins Together To Support Deaf Father Killed In Mass Shooting

Police line do not cross.

( – On October 25th there was a mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine at two locations, a Bowling Alley and a bar. The state of Maine is recognizing the victims thanks to one victim’s wife, who has been speaking out.

Josh Seal was a deaf man who was at the Schemengees Bar and Grille playing cornhole when the shooting took place. The shooter, U.S. Army Reservist Robert Card, targeted two different locations, the bar that Josh Seal was at and then a Bowling Alley where a children’s bowling tournament was being held. The mass shootings left 18 people dead and 13 others injured.

The suspect was found dead a couple of days later from what looked to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Liz Seal, Josh’s wife, spoke out about how this mass shooting affected her and their four children. She said that she didn’t even know her husband was among the people killed as it was difficult for her as a deaf person to get any clear news or updates at the hospital.

She said, “It still feels like a nightmare. It doesn’t feel real,” talking about this devastating situation. She says that she didn’t even have to say anything to her kids for them to understand, “I just said, ‘Yes, it happened.’ And they, of course, said, ‘No, no.’ And they burst into tears.”

She went on to say that she and many others have joined together to support those who were killed in the same shooting that her husband was killed in. Many deaf community members frequent the bar’s sister restaurant often and Kathy Lebel, the manager of the bar where Seal’s husband died, says that the support has meant a lot to her.

“I enjoyed having them there,” Lebel said, “I couldn’t sign with them, but I could communicate with them. We had our ways.”

Since the vicious shooting, there have been many different ways that Maine as a state and community has stepped up to honor the victims who were killed. One way is that the Maine Museum is currently working on adding memorial items to be put on display. Many said that this tragedy helped to bring the community together and that it changed the way the community interacted with each other.

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