City To Pay Over $1 MILLION For What Nobody Expected!

City to Get Single $1.7 Million Public Toilet Three Years from Now

City to Get Single $1.7 Million Public Toilet Three Years from Now

( – San Francisco has had a long-standing problem with homelessness, which has led to many areas becoming open restrooms for people who have nowhere else to go. The city has given the green light to build a new public toilet to improve conditions in the Noe Valley area. Still, problems with the project include years before completion and a cost slated at around $1.7 million.

The estimated price tag is so high because of increased energy and building supply costs, according to a San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department representative. Fair wages for the construction workers building the new structure and expenses for permits, drawing, planning, and other details add up. Yet, the figures are raising some eyebrows. And the icing on the cake? After shelling out a small fortune for everything, including the bathroom sink, residents won’t be enjoying the amenity until 2025.

A writer for the San Francisco Chronicle called the plans “mind-boggling” and “maddening,” while California Assemblyman Matt Haney (D) found it “inexplicable.” He said the decision angered him, although he noted he’s glad the area will eventually have a bathroom.

What do you think? Is $1.7 million a little much to pay for a public restroom?

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