Civil Unrest from Coast to Coast

Civil Unrest from Coast to Coast

( – From one end of the country to another, Americans are growing tired of stay-at-home orders and being told they can’t go back to work. In Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolf’s draconian orders and failed leadership have led to a major protest planned for Friday in Harrisburg. Several counties have said they plan to reopen without the governor’s approval.

In response, Wolf said he would revoke business occupancy permits, licenses to do business, and withhold federal money from smaller counties threatening to open without his permission.

On the opposite end of the country, in Hawaii, the top emergency management official said he fears there will be civil unrest and rioting if the state doesn’t start reopening the economy. Maj. Gen. Kenneth Hara told state lawmakers Monday the longer they take to reopen the economy, the harder it’ll be to recover. He said the state must accept the risk of new infections.

It’s not just these two states. Protests have broken out across the country in the last week.

Dozens of protestors violated social-distancing measures and didn’t wear masks in Raleigh, NC. Tuesday afternoon in California, anti-lockdown protestors made their views known to the Fresno city council. On Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk told California officials he was opening his factory in defiance of local officials.

As Americans prepare to enter month three of the lockdown, many are ready to go back to work and return to a normal life.

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