Claims of Drone Attack Are “Baseless” According to Iran

( – A recent drone attack in Jordan has killed three U.S. troops and is believed to be backed by or organized by Iran. However, Iran spoke out saying that the United States claims that Iran is a part of it are “baseless.”

Nasser Kanaani, who is the Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson, says “resistance groups” in that particular area don’t take orders from Iran. In response to all of this, some are pushing for Biden to take action against Iran.

President Joe Biden didn’t hint and a next course of action, saying, “While we are still gathering the facts of this attack, we know it was carried out by radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq.” This attack has sparked a lot of controversy over how the United States and the Biden Administration is responding to the attack. Many, including Tom Cotton, think that more should be done about the attack and the U.S. should retaliate.

In support of retaliatory action, Senator Tom Cotton said, “The only answer to these attacks must be devastating military retaliation against Iran’s terrorist forces, both in Iran and across the Middle East. Anything less will confirm Joe Biden as a coward unworthy of being commander-in-chief.”

In a report, Reuters stated that Iran had nothing to do with the attack, and that “there is a conflict between U.S. forces and resistance groups in the region, which reciprocate retaliatory attacks.”

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, which is a group of Iran-backed militant groups, is currently taking credit for the attack. The attack took place at the Jordanian Defense Network at Tower 22, which houses a deployment of 350 personnel of the U.S. Army and Air Force to combat ISIS.

They are still investigating the attack and are looking into its true origins. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin hinted at a possible next move, saying, “We will take all necessary actions to defend the United States, our troops, and our interests.”

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