Clarence Thomas Victim of Insane Hit Piece By New York Times

Clarence Thomas Victim of Insane Hit Piece By New York Times

( – The Honorable Clarence Thomas is the current US Supreme Court’s longest-serving member. However, given his and his wife’s political views, he’s a target of left-wing media. The most recent example is a New York Times (NYT) article painting the couple in a bad light.

The liberal media giant recently published a piece intending to make Justice Thomas and his wife look bad, presenting their audience with unfounded claims about the pair. The hit piece, as many people would call it, sparked liberals everywhere, who now call for Clarence to resign from the Supreme Court or claim the justice should be impeached.

The NYT article has already gained traction in other liberal media sources such as CNN and the ABC talk show “The View.” However, despite the hit piece outright admitting that the two Thomases stay in their own political lanes, the NYT still pushed claims of the justice’s wife, influencing his decisions in the high court.

Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, the Supreme Court senior’s wife, is a known conservative activist. The NYT hit piece accuses Mrs. Thomas of pushing election fraud claims regarding the 2020 election. They claim Thomas can’t do his job without political motivation due to his wife’s status as a conservative activist, something that’s simply not true.

How horrible can the leftist media get? How desperate have they become to attack Supreme Court justices over their political views, which have no bearing on their decisions? But, then again, that’s the entire point behind these hit pieces, to defame and deface people not aligned with their views, pushing claims that appear to be accurate and true but are the opposite.

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