Classified Materials Discovered at Vice President Pence’s Home in Indiana

Classified Materials Discovered at Vice President Pence's Home in Indiana

( – Officials have recovered classified documents from the private home of yet another former White House official, adding one more layer of controversy to an already heated subject. The development shares an uncanny resemblance to the recent discovery of protected files in Joe Biden’s possession dating back to his time as former President Barack Obama’s vice president — only this time, the former number two in the White House is Mike Pence.

CNN first broke the news on January 24, revealing one of Pence’s lawyers had found around a dozen classified documents at the former vice president’s residence. Pence had only recently moved into the Carmel, Indiana, home.

According to a letter from White House National Archives liaison Kate Dillon McClure, the former second in command had no idea he possessed any classified material and is cooperating fully and willingly with the National Archives. She explained that in light of the recent findings at Biden’s home and multiple offices, Pence felt the need to have one of his lawyers do a precautionary sweep through all his file boxes. When the lawyer uncovered multiple potentially classified files, the former vice president secured them in a safe and contacted the National Archives for instruction.

Pence had been anything but forgiving when he offered his response to Biden’s reported mishandling of protected documents. He noted during an episode of the Hugh Hewitt Podcast that he felt speechless and frustrated over the news. He also felt Democrats were showing a double standard in their treatment toward Biden and former President Donald Trump, who was the subject of an FBI raid in January 2022.

The latest discoveries have led to mounting questions about the security of the country’s documents. Representative Mike Waltz (R-FL) told The Guardian, “Clearly, the process is broken.” While many conservative lawmakers have expressed surprise and willingness to investigate the issue, Trump took to Truth Social to insist upon Pence’s innocence and condemn any potential action against the former vice president.

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