Clinton Attacks Republicans Over DOJ Double-Standard Claims

( – Former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blasted Republicans on June 13 over former president Donald Trump’s indictment. She claimed that many conservatives are refusing to “engage with the facts” and are claiming in an unjustified manner there’s a double standard of justice.

During a live interview in “Pod Save America,” Clinton said it was odd that the only argument that Republicans have on this matter was to blame the government. She also said Republicans are refusing to “read the indictment” and accept the facts. Additionally, she said conservatives need to accept this situation only has to do about Trump and no one else.

In her appearance in the podcast, there were other former Obama administration officials. She discussed with them some moments of the presidency. However, she changed her tone when they asked her about the “lock her up” chants against her. Clinton said she has noticed that’s one of the favorite responses some conservatives provide “when in doubt.”

The Department of Justice indicted Trump on June 8 on 37 criminal counts related to his handling of classified material. This was the first time in US history that a former president was formally indicted. However, many have been pointing out that Biden administration officials appear to have done the same things that have resulted in an indictment against Trump. After all, they say, Trump is not only the main political rival of the president but also the most powerful leader of his administration’s opposition.

Clinton said in the podcast this should have been the moment when some of Trump’s supporters broke with the former commander-in-chief. She claimed she’s disappointed this hasn’t happened and said it’s incredible how so many conservative TV shows keep supporting him.

The former Secretary of State said she never imagined this would have been “possible in our country.” Finally, she said that the psychology behind this support is impossible for her to “fully grasp.”

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