Clinton-Linked Lawyer’s Indictment Just Blew a Massive Hole in the Liberal Narrative

Clinton-Linked Lawyer's Indictment Just Blew a Massive Hole in the Liberal Narrative

( – In 2016, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of colluding with Russia through back channels. Her campaign joined the mainstream media and used a strange, secretive investigation to reveal unverified information that allegedly tied Trump financially to Russia.

However, after a full investigation, a lawyer who worked with the Clinton campaign is under fire for lying to the FBI about the connection. It appears the Clinton campaign’s allegations are utterly false.

Michael Sussmann Faces Charges

Michael Sussmann was, until recently, a lawyer for Clinton’s campaign law firm Perkins Coie. Soon after his departure, the FBI filed a 27-page document with a US district court accusing him of making a false statement to a government agency.

According to the filing, Sussman lied during a September 2016 meeting concerning Trump and Russia’s supposed “secret communication.” He told investigators the Trump organization was in constant contact with Alfa Bank- a Russian-owned financial institution. Additionally, Sussman told the FBI he wasn’t providing the information on behalf of anyone but simply passing it along.

However, Special Counsel John Durham now calls Sussman out on these lies, crushing the liberal narrative that has continued for years. Durham’s indictment maintains Sussmann was working for the Clinton Campaign when he offered the information.

Has Durham Discovered Even More Deception?

The current indictment only charges Sussman for failing to tell the FBI he was working on behalf of the Clinton campaign; however, it also details another’s role, an unidentified tech executive, whose job was “to support an ‘inference’ and ‘narrative’ regarding Trump that would please certain ‘VIPs.’”

The Durham indictment clearly shows that while Sussman lied about who he worked for, his team was purposefully digging around the internet to find any information that could help make a “narrative” tying Trump to Russia to benefit Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The Media Supported Clinton’s Narrative Time and Time Again

The Clinton campaign was not the only one in on this tall tale. Mainstream outlets like Slate and The New Yorker published leading headlines with unverified information about the Russiagate scandal. The Federalist writer Mollie Hemingway called these news outlets out on their “regurgitation of outlandish and unsubstantiated claims,” saying that such reporting “discredits the entire industry.”

In a world of misinformation and “smoking guns,” it can be challenging to decipher the truth, politics, and inadequate reporting. As always, this shows Americans must seek out various news sources featuring a variety of angles to get a complete picture of the situation. In addition, having first-person accounts and primary documents to back up claims is key to ensuring reporting is factual and not just a political game simply put forth to push the one side’s agenda.

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