Clyburn Puts Biden Above Americans

Clyburn Puts Biden Above Americans

( – On Tuesday night, Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) made a drastic proposal that won’t surprise anyone who has observed Democrats lately. Talk about sour grapes! He proposed that if former Vice President Joe Biden were to win overwhelmingly, the Democratic National Committee should shut the primary down.

Just. shut. it. down.

Yes, we’re serious.

Apparently, Clyburn is concerned that a prolonged fight between Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) could weaken Biden. The result is it would damage him in the general election against Donald Trump.

But that isn’t what Americans should be worried about the most. Just the fact that anyone in power would consider putting a full-stop on an American process in order to promote one candidate is terrifying.

Clyburn endorsed Biden and was instrumental in helping him win a resounding victory in South Carolina. Democratic strategist James Carville agreed with Clyburn and said the voters only care about November at this point.

Sure, we care about November, but at this point, we need all the direct info we can get on a candidate. One way to get that info is through the primary. To put the interests of one candidate above those of the American people, well, need we say more?

However, Fox News contributor, Juan Williams, strongly disagreed and said voters should be allowed to have their voices heard through the voting process. If not, he said it sounds anti-democratic. It’s definitely anti-American, and that IS cause for concern. At least someone stood up for us.

Our suggestion is to gather facts where you can so that you can make an informed decision. Things like this don’t always come to light, and we need to be as prepared as possible.

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