CNN Crew on the Scene for Leak of Mike Pence’s DC Event

CNN Crew on the Scene for Leak of Mike Pence's DC Event

( – A CNN camera crew set up outside former vice president Mike Pence’s advocacy group on Thursday, sparking speculation about a possible FBI raid on his offices. Pence has gotten caught up in the latest classified document scandal, but there’s been no hint that his offices are scheduled to be searched.

Since leaving office, Pence has spent much of his time running Advancing American Freedom, an advocacy group that promotes liberty and traditional American values. The group’s HQ is in downtown Washington, DC –- and last Thursday morning, a CNN news crew was set up outside as if they were waiting for something to happen. In the circumstances, it’s not hard to guess what they were waiting to see happen.

Since the administration went into panic mode over the way President Biden has spent years squirreling away classified documents all over the place, a search is on for any other documents that might have been mislaid.

Last month Pence’s staff handed in about a dozen documents that had been in his home. Pence says he searched his archives and “out of an abundance of caution” called in outside counsel to review them; when the documents were found, he immediately reported the discovery and sent them to the National Archives. He also says his home and the Advancing American Freedom (AAF) offices have now been searched, and there’s nowhere else that documents might be stored.

It looks like CNN wasn’t buying that, though. They went to the trouble of sending a camera crew to stand outside AAF’s offices, indicating they expected something to happen.

Now, some conservative media are wondering if the Justice Department or FBI had tipped off the network that a search of the offices was planned. That would obviously be abusing the legal process to distract attention from Biden’s much more serious document problems. Did it happen? It’s hard to say. So far, CNN and the DOJ haven’t replied to requests for more information.

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