CNN Fires Don Lemon

( – CNN host Don Lemon announced on his Twitter account on Monday he was fired by the network. He said he felt “stunned” and that it was his agent who informed him of CNN president Chris Licht’s decision. The move by the liberal network confirms what many have been suspecting over the last few months, following Lemon’s poor ratings and controversial comments.

In a memo to workers, the CNN president said that Lemon and the network have “parted ways.” He also pointed out that the company will always thank Lemon for the work he delivered over the last 17 years, adding that he will always be part of CNN’s family and that he’ll be “cheering him” in his future projects.

In a separate statement, CNN blasted Lemon’s comments on Twitter and claimed things were not as the former host described them. The network criticized him for the way he framed the circumstances surrounding his exit, and explained that what he said on his Twitter account was “inaccurate.” CNN also said in this statement that they offered him a chance to meet with the network’s management but he decided to publish his post on social media.

Lemon, who joined CNN in 2006, was about to host a self-titled show on the network’s streaming service CNN+. This one was axed after a month of operation following a poor performance. After that, Lemon moved into a morning show with hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlin Collins, where he had his last scandalous moment on the network.

During that morning show, Lemon was speaking about former Republican South Carolina Governor and former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, when he said that she wasn’t in her prime because of her age. He then said that a woman is in her prime when she’s in her 40s, 30s, or 20s.

He was temporarily removed after these misogynistic comments.

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