CNN Host AMBUSHED Outside Of Headquarters!

CNN TV Star Attacked

CNN TV Star Attacked

( – Anderson Cooper, the host of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360º,” is no stranger to being in the spotlight. With a reputation like his, the TV personality likely expects people to swarm him from time to time. However, the host appeared irritated when a man began asking him questions and wouldn’t stop following him.

On October 21, Cooper was on his way into the building that serves as CNN’s headquarters in New York City when a man approached him. The heckler accused the liberal host of performing infomercials for companies that manufacture electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, also known as eVTOLs. The man seemed to be unhappy with Cooper’s report on Lift Aircraft and Joby Aviation during “60 Minutes” on CBS last year.

The unidentified heckler asked the liberal host if he had any holdings in the companies from the “60 Minutes” segment, during which the CNN anchor didn’t ask any questions. Instead, he all but promoted the eVTOLs. Cooper didn’t answer the man, doing his best to ignore the heckler before going into the building. Despite the CNN anchor entering through a set of revolving doors, the man continued to follow him into the lobby, prompting Cooper to ask the man what he was doing before telling him off and asking him to go away.

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