CNN Is About To Get A Wake Up Call

Trump Goes After CNN

Trump Goes After CNN

( – Former President Donald Trump is a popular topic within the mainstream media. Left-leaning outlets have consistently attacked the former commander-in-chief for everything from casual statements to his policies while in office over the past few years. Trump is now firing back with a lawsuit against CNN.

The former president filed a lawsuit, titled Donald J. Trump v Cable News Network, Inc., in a Florida federal court on October 3. The Republican’s legal team claims the network used its massive influence to defame him in a bid to politically defeat him.

Court documents accuse CNN of taking credit for getting the former president out of the White House. The libel suit additionally claims the network only reported negative information about Trump without highlighting any of his accomplishments. The former leader is asking for a whopping $475 million in punitive damages.

Some people feel that CNN should have expected the libel suit, as Trump first declared his intention to sue the broadcaster earlier this year. He reportedly intended to sue other networks for similar reasons at the time.

It won’t be easy for Trump’s legal team to successfully argue that CNN defamed their client. They would have to prove that journalists and anchors recklessly disregarded the truth when giving reports, intentionally damaging the former president’s image.

Trump’s attorneys will also have to jump through hoops to overcome the First Amendment protections afforded by the Constitution to the press. The New York Times hasn’t lost a defamation case in over half a century, proving just how hard it is to win a libel suit against a media outlet.

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