CNN Is Thinking About Adding Comedy To It’s Network

CNN Is Thinking About Adding Comedy To It's Network

( – CNN is struggling in a world where online streaming has become the dominant way people watch programs and movies. As a result, the network is looking for ways to bring in more viewers. One option CNN is looking into is possibly bringing on a comedic host after seeing the success Greg Gutfield has had on Fox News.

The move will be a big one for CNN if it follows through with the idea, shifting its prime-time lineup to give viewers some variety and offer them an entertaining and comedic take on political news. The idea has worked well for Fox News with Gutfield’s show, which offers an opening monologue followed by interviews with guests and segments of comedy that often mock the Left. In 2022 the Fox News show became the first to overtake “The Late Show” on CBS since 2017.

The Hill reported that Chris Licht, the CEO of CNN, has discussed the idea of hiring an entertainment personality or comedian to host a prime-time show. CNN hasn’t had a consistent lineup of prime-time hosts since the network dropped Chris Cuomo and moved Don Lemon to host a morning show.

The Hill spoke with someone familiar with the CEO’s thought process. They confirmed the network is looking at figures like Trevor Noah, Bill Maher, and Jon Stewart as possible hosts if CNN decides to move forward with taking a new approach.

Blending news, politics, and entertainment have become an effective way for networks to tell viewers about what’s going on in the world. However, it takes some time to develop and keep an ongoing audience. The chair of the Boston College Communication Department, Matt Sienkiewicz, noted that merging headlines and comedy is the “inevitable directionality of American news.” Sienkiewicz said that CNN could make the shift work, adding the approach has a higher chance of success if the network develops the shift over time.

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