CNN Poll: 2020 Election Claims Affected Voter Confidence

CNN Poll: 2020 Election Claims Affected Voter Confidence

( – The 2020 presidential election left many Americans confused and frustrated over how difficult it was to understand what was going on behind the scenes at polls. With multitudes of allegations of voter fraud and recounts all around the nation, citizens lost confidence in the nation’s election processes. Now, a new CNN poll revealed that this confidence is continuing to wane.

On Wednesday, September 15, CNN published a poll conducted by SSRS detailing American thoughts on election confidence and the 2020 presidential results. All in all, 52% of Americans do not believe American elections properly reflect the people’s will. This number went up 12% since a January poll. Perhaps most interesting is that Democrats’ confidence in elections dropped from 90% in January to only 69% in the newly released survey.

One American shared their thoughts on why voter confidence is declining:

This poll by the heavily left-leaning CNN shows that Americans of all political affiliations are losing faith in their elections. This loss of faith is a dangerous trend that many believe is threatening democracy.

As citizens look to the 2022 midterms and 2024 presidential elections, it’s vital to get involved in their local elections and understand their state’s voter laws to build confidence for themselves and their community.

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