CNN Producer Indicted for Grooming Minors

CNN Producer Indicted for Grooming Minors

( – A CNN producer who bragged about working closely with recently fired news anchor Chris Cuomo was arrested on Friday for attempting to lure minors into engaging in sexual acts.

According to the U.S. Attorney of Vermont, 44-year-old John Griffin used messaging apps to engage and befriend young girls’ mothers to train the girls into sexual submission.

Griffin allegedly convinced one of the mothers with two daughters to bring a 13-year-old out to his place back in June 2020 and that she needed to make sure the daughter was “trained properly.” The indictment also alleges he sent $3,000 for flights from Nevada to Boston’s Logan Airport and picked the mother-daughter up himself and drove them back to his place in Ludlow, Vermont.

Griffin also attempted to lure kids using Kik and Google Hangout apps, according to the report. A CNN spokesperson said that the charges against Griffin are severe and that they suspended him immediately after learning of his arrest.

Griffin’s LinkedIn social media profile claims he’s a senior producer at CNN and bragged that he worked with Cuomo for five years while co-hosting CNN’s primetime slot “A New Day.” His work history included working at ABC News for eight years and producing and editing for CBS and Fox News. He’s facing three federal counts and could spend a minimum of 10 years in prison if convicted.

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