CNN Reporter Calls for Action on “Serious” Hunter Biden Story

CNN Reporter Calls for Action on

Mainstream Media Reporter Flips Script

( – A reporter for CNN recently enraged liberals after tweeting about the Hunter Biden story. Sara Sidner mentioned there were legitimate questions regarding the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) looking the other way rather than probing the First Son. The correspondent also said investigating the younger Biden shouldn’t be a one-sided issue.

Sidner’s tweet included an article from Yahoo news. The story detailed the First Son’s shady business dealing with Ye Jianming, a Chinese billionaire, and his fixer, Patrick Ho, who was already part of an FBI investigation in 2017. The feature added that Hunter’s laptop showed significant financial exchanges between both parties and included James Biden, the president’s brother.

Sudden Resignation

Sidner also brought up Timothy Thibault’s resignation from the FBI after accusations the agent was biased in dealing with the investigation of the First Son’s computer.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent a letter on May 31 to Christopher Wray, the FBI director, noting concern over a number of Thibault’s social media posts and activities. Some whistleblowers have claimed he didn’t follow the bureau’s strict protocol when it came to opening an investigation into the Biden laptop. Others accused the now-former assistant special agent in charge of actively interfering with the FBI’s probe into Hunter Biden’s computer.

History of the Laptop

Prior to his father’s presidential win in 2020, Hunter Biden mistakenly forgot a laptop at a computer repair shop. The device allegedly contained records of all the younger Biden’s business dealings, messages, and illicit pictures and videos, including him smoking crack in a bathtub. Republicans attempted to use the information as leverage against Joe Biden in an effort to secure a victory for President Trump.

Nonetheless, the issue never got the attention many felt it deserved. Mainstream media didn’t report on the leaked info, and the FBI has yet to launch an investigation into the

First Family. Now that Biden is in the White House, conservatives feel as though the media is continuously burying the laptop story to protect the president’s image.

Some people had similar feelings during the 2020 election cycle, with many believing political bias played a role in the bureau’s decision on that issue as well. The Department of Justice is quick to launch investigations into Trump and his family over the slightest allegations. Why isn’t it so motivated to do the same to Biden despite the piling of evidence? Perhaps skeptics like Senator Grassley are right, and the Hunter Biden laptop is a partisan problem. Democrats seemingly have no desire to look into it.

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