CNN Reporter Natasha Bertrand Ignored the Director of National Intelligence

CNN Reporter Natasha Bertrand Ignored the Director of National Intelligence

( – When the story on Hunter Biden’s laptop first surfaced, Democrats did whatever they could to bury the story and discredit it. Natasha Bertrand, a reporter for Politico, apparently ignored the deputy Director of National Intelligence (DNI) when he tried to break the news.

Cliff Sims, the deputy DNI at the time, recently noted on Twitter that during the peak of the 2020 election cycle, he was the Strategy and Communications DNI. His job required him to handle questions from reporters. Sims mentioned that on October 19, Bertrand was gearing up to publish a story about how the Biden laptop story was really disinformation from Russia, citing 50 former intelligence officials.

The former deputy DNI asserted that he warned the reporter the laptop scoop wasn’t disinformation and pointed her in the direction of DNI John Ratcliffe’s comments on the matter. However, Bertrand ignored Sims and wrote the piece for Politico anyway, where it remains active.

Sims explained that he attempted to talk to Bertrand’s editor Blake Hounshell about her story. The former deputy DNI recalled the truth didn’t matter to them because Bertrand was attempting to build a narrative.

According to Breitbart News, Peter Schweizer, the President of Breitbart’s Senior Contributor and Government Accountability Institute, exposed the president and First Son’s trip to China in 2013. At the time, the older Biden was vice president, and the father-son duo traveled aboard Air Force Two. Not long after that same journey across the Pacific, the younger Biden’s firm closed on a $1.5 billion deal with a branch of Bank of China. Schweizer’s books also shine light on other deals with foreign entities, all information which Biden’s laptop is said to hold.

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