CNN Staffer Admits it Pushed Propaganda to Get Biden Elected

CNN Staffer Admits it Pushed Propaganda to Get Biden Elected

( – Usually what happens on an internet date doesn’t wind up recorded and posted online. Sometimes, it does. A new video released by Project Veritas shows CNN technical director Charlie Chester admitting to pushing propaganda in order to get President Joe Biden into office.

An undercover reporter went on multiple dates with Chester where she secretly recorded him talking about his work with CNN in the months leading up to the 2020 election. One American shared their surprise at how CNN continues to get caught up in scandal:

During the dates, Chester called CNN’s articles “propaganda” and noted they told stories about former President Donald Trump’s health that they “didn’t know anything about.” Meanwhile, they contrasted Biden “as a young geriatric.” He told his date that climate change is next up on CNN’s list, and that fear will be their main strategy because “fear sells.”

While we would like to say this is alarming news, it’s yet another story about how CNN has used its power over Americans to push its own bias agenda. Mainstream media cannot be trusted to provide just the facts because we now see how they easily manipulate information to tell their own narrative and boost their own agenda.

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