CNN Staffers SCRAMBLING After Latest Report!

CNN Staffers Report Low Morale After Huge Layoffs Announced

CNN Staffers Report Low Morale After Huge Layoffs Announced

( – During a staff-wide event over the summer, Chris Licht, CEO of CNN, assured employees working for the network that there wouldn’t be any layoffs at the company. Now, that same boss is making cutbacks. Meanwhile, CNN struggles with a low morale problem.

According to a report from DailyMail, Licht recently held a town hall in which he asserted the network would be laying off workers come early December. Even though the CEO believed he was telling everyone the truth about the security of their jobs just a few months earlier, he showed no signs of remorse with the latest news.

Licht didn’t offer any specifics about the downsizing but mentioned CNN would be cutting teams that weren’t critical to its mission. The CEO noted that after December, the network didn’t have any further reductions planned, at least for the time being. A staffer who’s worked at the network for two decades said that in all their years of employment they’ve never seen the company’s morale as low as it is now. CNN isn’t the only network suffering.

DailyMail noted that NBC recently offered early retirement packages for employees who reach certain criteria. ABC News said the changes coming to its parent company, Disney, will impact the network, with the likelihood of downsizing being high. CBS has also disclosed it will be laying off 100 employees or more.

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