CNN’s CEO Chris Licht Gets Fired

( – CNN’s chairman and chief executive Chris Licht was fired from the network on Wednesday morning, following a controversial article from The Atlantic about him. As reported by CNN, his one-year tenure at the company was stained by numerous “missteps,” being the reason why Licht will “depart the company.”

The liberal network also said that chief executive of Warner Bros Discovery David Zaslav told employees during an editorial call that Licht would be leaving immediately. He also said that Licht hasn’t made any comment on his departure and didn’t even respond to any request for comment. 

According to Reuters, Zaslav explained that CNN is now conducting an in-depth search for a new leader to replace Licht. He wrote that while everyone knew that the role of the chief executive is never easy, Licht gave his biggest effort. He also blamed himself for the way “things did not work out” in the way everyone expected. 

Licht’s departure came a couple of days after The Atlantic published a controversial profile about him. In this article, the liberal magazine revealed that CNN’s chief executive knew many members of the crowd that attended CNN’s town hall. This was a controversial event as the political leader that was part of it was former President Donald Trump. Critics say that CNN created a comfortable scenario for him, to the point where most of the crowd that attended the event were Trump supporters.

The article also said that Licht fired some senior presenters, following reports of unrest, as he was trying to make a significant change at CNN. As Licht stated in different opportunities, his main goal was to bring the network more into a political center to win more Republican viewers. He thought that CNN went too far during the Trump administration and wanted to make the network less polarizing and more open to all sides.

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