College Presidents to Appear Before Congress

( – According to a November 28 report from The Hill, the presidents of the University of Pennsylvania, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Harvard University will testify before Congress at a hearing about antisemitism on college campuses. The hearing will take place on December 5 and will be held by the Congress’ Committee on Education and the Workforce.

In a statement, Chairwoman and North Carolina Republican Virginia Foxx said that the United States has seen many antisemitic demonstrators on campuses over the last few weeks. She added that some college administrators are to blame because they have allowed “horrific rhetoric” to grow and propagate in colleges.

Different reports have pointed out there has been a rise of antisemitism in different colleges and universities across the country since the October 7 attacks perpetrated by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas on Israel. Many antisemitic attacks have been perpetrated against innocent civilians who have shown their support for the Jewish state.

Recently, many university administrators and presidents have been blasted by numerous donors, faculty members, alumni, and students who haven’t agreed with their response to the protests. As part of the Biden administration’s action against all types of discrimination in schools, the federal government opened some civil rights probes into some universities over allegations of antisemitism.

While many schools have pledged to stand against antisemitism on campuses, numerous acts of antisemitic violence and discrimination continue. In her statement, Foxx pointed out that the committee is “shining the spotlight” on the campus leaders by holding the hearing. She added that the committee demands these leaders to take the strongest actions to stand against antisemitism.

Witnesses of the hearing will include MIT president Sally Kornbluth, the University of Pennsylvania president Liz Magill, and Harvard president Claudine Gay. In a statement, the UPenn spokesperson noted that Magill is aware of the importance of fighting antisemitism and any other form of discrimination in the country. In a separate statement, MIT spokesperson pointed out that Kornbluth appreciates the change in engaging with the Committee Members.

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