Comer Threatens to Subpoena Biden Administration Over John Kerry’s Activities

( – House Oversight Committee Chairman and Kentucky Republican James Comer threatened on Tuesday to subpoena the Biden administration over numerous documents related to the office and work of climate envoy and former presidential candidate John Kerry.

In a letter sent to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the Kentucky Republican requested all communications regarding Kerry’s budget, documents related to his travels, third parties’ communications, and a full list of employees and workers within the climate envoy’s office. Comer also vowed to compel the documents’ release if proper authorities don’t voluntarily turn them over, pointing out that the Committee will have to consider different means -including compulsory process in case the Department is unwilling “to produce” information or documents on this matter.

Additionally, the Chairman raised concerns about the fact that the climate envoy carries so many responsibilities but his position didn’t require Senate confirmation. On this matter, Comer said that Kerry was engaging in different activities that could undermine the country’s economic health, in addition to threatening foreign policy and skirting congressional authority. He also explained in the statement that, despite these facts, Kerry and his office are not being transparent about their spending, staffing, and activities with the American people and the Committee.

Since the start of the Biden administration, Kerry has been the White House’s main negotiator for climate issues, including at previous global climate summits in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, and Glasgow, Scotland. The former presidential candidate has been widely criticized over the last few years because of the way he has inappropriately acted as a US official with world leaders when he wasn’t even a member of the administration.

The most famous case was during the Trump era, when Kerry met with Iranian officials to negotiate certain details about the Iranian nuclear deal, in a moment when then-president Donald Trump was threatening to shut it down and fulfill one of his campaign promises.

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