Commerce Secretary Worried About AI Usage in Election

( – Gina Raimondo who is the Commerce Secretary spoke out saying that she is “very worried” about artificial intelligence being used “nefariously” in the upcoming 2024 election.

Raimondo spoke out at a news conference saying, “AI can do amazing things and AI can disrupt our elections, here and around the world.” She continued, “We’re already starting to see it.”

People proceeded to ask her during the conference about the robocall that reportedly came during the New Hampshire primary that was pretending to be from Joe Biden and changed up voting times. Gina Raimondo said that the government is working “extensively” to try to combat these problems that may be brought up by AI.

“Am I worried? Yes. Do I think we have the tools to protect our election and our democracy? Yes. Do I feel based on my interactions with the private sector that they want to do the right thing? By and large, Yes. It’s a big threat,” she said.

She spoke out saying that the United States has to stay on top of the trends especially as China is investing more into technology and AI systems.

There has been talk that the government is putting together a group of private and government companies to help tackle the problems of AI. “This is the largest collection of frontline AI developers, users, researchers, and interested groups in the world. In this consortia, which we’re starting off with more than 200 members, we have Fortune 500 companies, academic teams, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies joined forces to focus on the research and development necessary to enable safe and trustworthy AI systems.”

Raimondo said that we shouldn’t worry about AI “eliminating the human race” because at the moment we are in control of it. “We are in charge of how we develop and use and regulate AI. So I feel that way about the election. And it’s on us, right now, to do the right things,” she said.

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