Companies Prepare for Next Generation of Space Orbits

( – NASA has been working with at least three different companies to prepare space stations that would replace the International Space Station before it de-orbits after the end of the decade. The United States is expected to make an investment in this venture, and it is sure to pay off..

NASA Administration Bill Nelson said, “NASA can utilize those resources in our exploration of the heavens, back to the moon and on to Mars. Then we can rent space on a commercial space station to do our research, to prepare our astronauts for longer flights out into the cosmos.”

One of the companies, Axiom Space, is designing a space station and is currently creating pods that would first attach to the current ISS. They will send private astronauts to the ISS to prepare for their first module expected to launch in 2026.

“Those private astronauts stay on the space station for a week or two weeks and do scientific things. NASA gets involved in that when they come to the station, and they have to meet rigorous standards,” said Nelson.

Blue Origin is the second company looking to build a space station and its Orbital Reef will be composed of researchers, entrepreneurs, and tourists. Nelson expects space tourism to expand over the years, and this would help lean into that.

Voyager’s Starlab is expected to be the largest piece of equipment sent by humanity into space. They expect to launch in 2028 and they will have equipment for over four hundred experiments on board.

Experts expect that there will be many more privately owned space stations or equipment being sent into space in the future.

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