Congress Demands Access to Biden Family’s Bank Records and Leases

Congress Demands Access to Biden Family's Bank Records and Leases

( – The GOP promised that when they took back control of the House of Representatives, they’d launch investigations into the Biden family’s dealings after years of getting nowhere with a Democratic majority. Following the midterms and Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) election as House Speaker, they immediately jumped into action. Representative James Comer (R-KY), who chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, has been pressing for information on the Biden family and recently sent out several requests for records as part of his effort to accomplish that goal.

Requests for Information

On Wednesday, February 8, Comer sent a letter to Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Eric Schwerin, a Biden family business partner. The correspondence starts with a rundown of the House Oversight Committee’s mission and asks for specific documents and communications related to overseas business dealings to determine “President Biden’s involvement in his family’s financial conduct.”

In a statement on the committee’s website, Comer insists that the American public deserves “transparency and accountability,” and the committee’s investigation into multiple acts, including tax evasion, wire fraud, and money laundering, should provide answers. He alleges that evidence shows the president’s political career has fueled the “Biden family business model.”

Comer’s letters ask each party for basically the same information, including communications between the recipients or James Biden’s wife, Sarah Jones Biden, and Joe Biden between the dates of January 20, 2009, and January 20, 2021, the date of the president’s inauguration.

The type of information requested includes financial activity through:

  • Credit card companies
  • Contracts
  • Wire transfers
  • Office or residential leases
  • Real estate transactions
  • And any to do with the Biden Foundation or the Penn Biden Center

Additionally, both Hunter and James Biden were asked to provide information about communications between the parties regarding a list of 26 individuals or entities.

In the letter to Schwerin, Comer asks for information on communications between the business partner and nine different individuals, as well as any financial documents pertaining to several different people.

Discovery Process

The documents provided to Comer will aid in the discovery process and help the committee to determine whether President Biden’s actions put the nation’s security at risk. Additionally, the chairman said it will help craft “recommendations regarding federal laws,” as well as regulations to aid financial institutions in implementing “internal controls and compliance programs” that will make it easier to flag and alert the proper agencies of suspicious activity, such as money laundering.

Comer has asked the recipients to provide the requested materials and documents no later than February 22.

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