Congress Passes New Anti-Lynching Bill

Congress Passes New Anti-Lynching Bill

( – The United States has a dark past as it hasn’t always been kind to all of its citizens. While life has certainly changed for the better in the US, some feel it hasn’t gone far enough to protect its minority citizens. A recent bill passed in Congress looks to change that.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced via Twitter that the Senate passed a piece of legislation making lynching a federal hate crime. He admitted that while the bill’s passing is an important step, it remains a stain on American history because it took so long.

When a conspiracy to enact hate crimes results in bodily injury or death, the new Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act will make it possible for authorities to prosecute the involved parties for the severity of their crimes. The bill outlines the maximum sentence for violating the anti-lynching legislation at 30 years.

There have been several attempts at similar legislation spanning several years, but all have failed until the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act. The bill came close in 2020, after the House passed it with an overwhelming majority, only for the Senate to shoot down the effort.

US Representative Bobby Rush (D-IL), the bill’s champion, claimed lynching has been a racial terror weapon for decades. Rep. Rush mentioned the passage of the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act sends a stern message that America will no longer ignore the sins it committed in that period of its history. The congressman added anyone who wishes to continue lynching will face the full force of the US government.

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