Congressman Has Plan to Take Pelosi to Court

Congressman Has Plan to Take Pelosi to Court

( – Ever since the events of January 6 unfolded, Democrats have used the limited violence of the day to push their far-left agenda, including stricter security measures on Capitol Hill. But, GOP Representative Andrew Clyde (R-GA) has found a creative way to push back against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her absurd new rules.

Congressman Clyde has skirted the new metal detectors at the Capitol twice and been fined a total of $15,000 for his “offenses.” But, it turns out he did this on purpose, even though he wasn’t even carrying a firearm, which is what the security measures are looking for.

On Sunday, March 21, Fox News reported that Clyde believes the fine against him has given him “legal standing to take the case to federal court.” He believes the limits pushed by Democrats on his Second Amendment rights are unconstitutional and is appealing the case through the House Ethics Committee as well.

One American shared the news on Twitter:

Representative Clyde is willing to fight hard in order to protect our right to bear arms. He was willing to pay $15,000 to fight for the freedoms of Americans, and that’s something we must applaud in this brave lawmaker.

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