Congressman Says “There Was Fraud Here” Amid Election Concerns

Congressman Says

( – A government official is speaking out about fraud in Maricopa County, Arizona. Representative Paul Gosar challenged Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to investigate who was responsible for what he claims are numerous examples of election fraud in the region. Will Brnovich follow through?

Investigation Begins

Brnovich’s office sent out a letter announcing the launch of an investigation into the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) in early August, following an initial review of the region’s election audit.

The memo, penned by Deputy Solicitor General Michael Catlett, issued an ultimatum to the MCBOS: provide all information requested in a recent state senate subpoena on the subject or face the consequences.

Catlett and Brnovich granted the MCBOS until August 20 to comply. Failing to take action would result in penalties handed down by the Arizona Supreme Court.

At the time, Board Chairman Jack Sellers scoffed at the request, saying they were far too busy to deal with his demands. The MCBOS complied with the AG’s request just two days before the August 20 deadline in an apparent change of heart.

Still, the MCBOS failed to turn over all requested information. That inspired the Attorney General’s office to move forward with their threats.

Court Proceedings

The MCBOS dragged their feet every step of the way throughout the legal process, from the first subpoena issued by the Arizona Senate to the threat of legal action. The Board chose to withhold information even after losing a lawsuit in the Maricopa County Superior Court.

It took a secondary loss and subsequent legal penalties for the MCBOS to comply fully, a step they should have taken since they received the first subpoenas in December 2020.

The new and final compliance date? September 27, 2021. If the Board failed to fall in line with this new and final deadline, they would lose state funding for Maricopa County.

Auditors Reveal Findings

On October 7, forensic auditors investigating election fraud in Maricopa County were finally ready to share their findings. IT specialist Ben Cotton dropped a bombshell at the hearing: they found evidence of purposeful log overwriting using an account not explicitly attached to any one person.

Not only were the records overwritten, but they were also edited just a day before officials handed the machines over to auditors. Cotton believes this is proof the adjustments were, in fact, a criminal act.

Although the administrator account isn’t directly attached to a person, auditors do know who tapped into and changed the records. Ben Cotton and his team pulled a video feed active during the incident, capturing video evidence of the persons behind the keyboard when the incident occurred.

Will Attorney General Brnovich actually investigate these irregularities, or is he simply going through the motions without any intention to follow through?

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