Conservatives Want Out

Conservatives Want Out

( – Conservatives in five states have had enough. They have spent a lifetime raising their kids, paying outrageous taxes, and the liberal nanny state continues to expand into their lifestyles and attempt to restrict their freedoms.

  • Oregon conservatives want to “shift” the Idaho border to include them
  • Conservative Virginians want to become a part of conservative West Virginia
  • Illinois conservatives are tired of being bullied by Chicago
  • Conservative Southern Californians want their own state
  • Some New York conservatives want to split the state up into three states that more geographically and culturally represent their interests

Frustrated rural citizens are wary of big-city liberals encroaching more and more into their personal lives. For many, they feel that big city liberals not only don’t represent them… they don’t care anything about them.

What conservatives in these five states have in common are large Democratic liberal majorities that force their views, lifestyles and liberal laws on them.

Small, Heavily Populated Areas Control Large Geographical Areas

Large, liberal population centers that concentrate power have a small geographic footprint in each state — yet they are controlling large swaths of each state.

Rural areas across the country are angered and insulted at the laws that take more from them, give nothing back and restrict their rights. Liberal policies in these states are threatening entire industries, jobs, bank accounts, gun rights, and values that are important to conservatives.

The result… conservatives are ignored entirely by legislators whose agendas are directly opposed to their values.

The challenge for conservatives in these five states is that they vote but don’t have enough voters to vote liberal legislators out that don’t represent them.

Secession is Unlikely and Very Difficult

While Conservatives have a just cause, secession is a very difficult thing to do. The last time a state seceded was West Virginia as part of a compromise after the Civil War.

However, the movement is in its infancy. In Oregon, three counties have placed a measure on the ballot to “readjust” their borders instead of seceding.

In West Virginia, Republican Gov. Jim Justice has put out the word that conservative Virginians are welcome in his state. It’s the first time a state has indicated it is open and willing to accept territory from another state.

Nonetheless, both state legislatures would have to agree and so would Congress.

It’s a tough hurdle. However, conservative voters and elected officials are making their positions known in these five states. They are tired of being dictated to by Liberals who are not interested in their values, perspectives, rights, or lifestyles.

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