Constitutional Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Stay-at-Home Orders

Constitutional Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Stay-at-Home Orders

( – Across the country, “constitutional” sheriffs are refusing to enforce coronavirus restrictions. They claim that governors are intruding on the citizen’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As such, they’re defying orders by governors to enforce stay-at-home policies or stop churches from practicing their religion. What these sheriffs are doing is 100% legal.

Unlike other forms of law enforcement, sheriffs are elected by residents of their county. They do not work for mayors or other government entities. As elected officials, constitutional sheriffs say they’re responsible only to their constituents. They have a lot of autonomy and do not have to contend with other branches of government. Therefore, they have leeway to pick and choose which laws they will enforce.

Across the country in 2016, Constitutionalist Sheriffs refused to enforce state gun regulations, the IRS’s demand for payments of federal taxes, and federal land-use rules. The Constitutionalist Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA) says it has over 400 members. According to the website, the CSPOA offers citizens a way to vet sheriffs. It further states that, as elected officials, sheriffs are the ultimate protectors of the people and provide checks and balances from anyone who infringes on their constitutional rights.

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