Contact Tracing Subpoenas Issued

Contact Tracing Subpoenas Issued

( – Contact tracing has always been a controversial topic. Some worry their private information is in jeopardy, while others are concerned about it becoming a mandatory practice. It seems the latter is a real possibility given recent events.

Partygoers who attended a large gathering in Clarkstown, New York, are being forced by the local government to cooperate with the counties’ contact tracing methods. The party’s host displayed symptoms during the party.

The County Health Commissioner, Patricia Schnabel Ruppert, sent subpoenas to those who did not answer their phones when contact tracing investigators called. Individuals who lied about being at the party where the host was showing symptoms of the virus were also included. In addition, if those citizens do not comply, they will face civil fines up to $2,000 per day.

Rockland County Executive, Ed Day, threatened county officials will “take every step necessary” with anyone who impedes their investigation. With the upcoming July 4 celebrations, Day assured residents police would be dispatched to “any location we believe will be having a house party.”

As the government of Rockland County tightens its grip on its citizens, we must take the proper precautions to ensure our freedom to associate with those of our choosing is protected. While following certain safety measures during this time keeps us safe, government overreach does not.

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