Coordinated Fraud Attack on Twitter

Coordinated Fraud Attack on Twitter

( – Social Media provides a constant stream of news, opinions, and opportunities for those who choose to use it. However, it’s also a target for cyberattacks, like the one that affected Twitter on Wednesday, July 15.

In a coordinated cryptocurrency attack, many verified Twitter accounts were hacked including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mike Bloomberg, and Barack Obama. Most tweets sent had a call to give back to the community. In return, money sent to the given bitcoin account would be returned, doubled.

Together, followers who fell for the scam lost over $118,000. Twitter’s public response to the hack involved freezing the affected accounts and putting restrictions on others until they could verify what happened.

According to a Motherboard report, hackers accessed the Twitter accounts via an insider employee. This gave them the ability to manipulate many accounts and send out false tweets, some of which were the cryptocurrency scams. One source claimed to have paid a Twitter employee for the access.

Hackers continue to find new ways to steal from the American people. This time, they managed to steal a small sum of money when they gained access to many high-ranking people’s speaking platforms. But, why did they choose such a small act when they could have done more with their short-lived power?

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