Cop Punished For Defending Freedom

Cop Punished For Defending Freedom

( – There’s a real concern across the country that the stay-at-home orders issued by many governors are eroding the rights of the American people. Officer Graham Anderson with the Port of Seattle Police Department certainly feels that way. He’s now being punished for saying it out loud.

The police department placed Officer Anderson on leave after he posted a video on social media urging his colleagues to not enforce Washington’s COVID-19 order.

The officer wasn’t doing anything wrong. He’s just expressing his opinion the government is violating the constitutional rights of people. Anderson isn’t the only law enforcement official to spread such a message, but he’s the one facing consequences.

US Attorney General William Barr has also warned states about enforcing orders that violate the rights of the American people. Constitutional rights are not something that go away when the going gets tough. No governor has a right to circumvent the Bill of Rights.

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