Could Michelle Obama Beat Trump in 2024?

Could Michelle Obama Beat Trump in 2024?

( – The country’s social media platforms, political pundits, and news media outlets are in full speculation mode about the 2024 presidential campaign. While the country prepares itself for midterm elections this November, the fight for the White House has already begun. Rumors suggest Michelle Obama might end up on the ticket, but just how likely is it that she might win?

The Hill writer Myra Adams considers Obama to be a potential “hail-mary pass” for the DNC.

If nominated, she would become the first African-American woman to run for president. Adams feels the former first lady has a winner’s aura, is popular enough to succeed, has the right qualifications, and isn’t afraid to campaign for voting rights — a critical hot-button topic for Leftists in 2022.

Former President Barack Obama would also likely gain influence in the White House if his wife stepped into the presidency. That alone would convince some to support her, leaving Republican candidates — including Trump — with a fight on their hands.

For Republicans, analysts offer a different prediction. They say a Trump-DeSantis ticket, while unlikely, would present Democrats with a unique challenge. However, if Trump opts out, many Conservatives would likely support Ron DeSantis in his place.

One speculation Washington insiders may have correct is that the 2024 presidential election will be one of the most polarizing presidential campaigns in US history regardless of who runs. It will truly test the soul of our American democracy.

Do you believe Michelle Obama could beat former President Trump if the elections were held tomorrow?

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