Court Denies Request To Stay Execution

Court Denies Request To Stay Execution

( – The fate of death row inmate Julius Jones lies with Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt now that a federal appeals court has rejected a stay of execution for him and three other death row inmates. Jones is expected to die by lethal injection today unless the Governor grants him clemency.

The attorney representing the four death row inmates, Jen Moreno, said the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision last Friday was “inexplicable,” especially after the October 28th botched execution of 60-year-old John Marion Grant. Grant was strapped to a gurney and began convulsing and vomiting after the executioner injected him with the sedative midazolam.

Julius Jones was convicted of killing motorist Paul Howell in 1999 after an attempted carjacking. The inmate has received outpouring support from people and organizations worldwide, adding pressure for Governor Stitt to stay the execution and grant clemency. The Howell family remains firm, feeling Jones’s sentencing was just, fitting the crime, and confident the Governor will do the right thing.

Police have barricaded the Governor’s mansion as Julius Jones supporters gather outside, waiting for his decision. According to reports, Governor Stitt has been praying about making the right decision in executing or granting pardon to the convicted murderer.

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