COVID-19 Won’t Stop Easter Churchgoers

COVID-19 Won't Stop Easter Churchgoers

( – For many, Easter is the most important date on the Christian calendar. During a normal celebration, Christians attend church services and participate in activities with friends and family. However, with the global coronavirus pandemic, this year is anything but normal.

Yet, the majority of Easter churchgoers in 2019 will be back in the pews on Sunday so long as the church doors are open.

According to a new survey conducted by Wallethub, 56% of Americans who went to church last year for Easter plan to go again this year. Also in the survey, 40% of Americans agree they’ve become more appreciative of their families, 30% of their health, and 13% of their freedoms. In addition, 68% also said COVID-19 is more frightening than financial troubles.

Returning to tradition and normalcy is helping some people deal with the pandemic. Celebrating Easter could be one of those things that helps in the endeavor. And, if one good thing has come from the coronavirus outbreak, it’s that Americans are more grateful for the things that make our lives wonderful.

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