COVID: Not All News Is Bad News

COVID: Not All News Is Bad News

( – As COVID-19 shuts down economies around the world, it’s having one positive impact — cleaner air and water. Thanks to the coronavirus, some countries have seen a noticeable drop in pollution. The drop-off in manufacturing, fewer cars on the roads and trains on the railways, and more boats and ships on canals are among the many reasons why pollution has decreased.

In China alone, NASA saw a large decrease in nitrogen dioxide for two weeks in February. Nitrogen dioxide is released from cars, industrial facilities, and power plants:

In Venice, canals that once saw boats kick up sediment are now crystal clear.

Scientists say that pollution declines are temporary. Once the pandemic ends and economies come back online, pollution will increase to previous levels. For now, it’s good to focus on something positive as we endure the crisis together and look forward to brighter times.

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