COVID: Your Health AND Privacy At Risk

COVID: Your Health AND Privacy At Risk

( – It’s completely understandable if you lack trust in the federal government and big tech companies. As the federal government’s fighting to end the coronavirus outbreak, it’s looking to partner with Facebook, Google, and mobile phone companies to track the movement of the COVID-19 virus.

To do that, the government wants data in the form of anonymous, aggregated content to map how COVID-19 is spreading. The goal is to connect the dots to ensure containment of the virus, and to ultimately eliminate it. This is different from tracking individuals and their movements to enforce a law or restrict movement. The government is not asking for an individual’s data.

Still, it’s a fine line that can quickly spiral out of control if Big Brother decides it wants more information about specific individuals. Unfortunately, we are depending on government and tech companies to have our best interest in mind. There are currently no rules in place that could allow for accountability.

That’s a hard pill for many to swallow considering the revelations of recent government misconduct after the Russian hoax and impeachment; and big tech companies who pursue massive profits over responsible privacy issues.

It doesn’t have to be a Big Brother situation so long as the government and big tech keep people’s right to privacy in mind while pursuing the greater good.

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