Crimea Bridge Explosion Footage Catches Something Fishy

Footage From Crimea Bridge Shows Bizarre

Footage From Crimea Bridge Shows Bizarre “Wave” Before Explosion

( – The only bridge connecting Crimea and Russia was the target of a recent attack. Ukrainian officials have yet to deny or take credit for the explosion that crippled the link. Moscow claims a truck exploded on the bridge, causing catastrophic damage. Yet, a video of moments before the explosion shows a mysterious “wave” under the expanse, leading to several questions.

Speculations about the attack include Ukrainian special forces utilizing a boat or a drone outfitted with explosives to attack the Kerch Bridge. The road and railway served as the only direct connection between Russia and Crimea, which Putin’s forces annexed from Ukraine in 2014. The explosion killed at least three people and could cripple a crucial supply route for Russia’s forces in Crimea and southern Ukraine.

Moscow had claimed attacking the bridge would be impossible, citing 20 different security measures, including their use of attack dolphins. However, that obviously wasn’t the case.

The bridge’s destruction comes as Ukraine has mounted an impressive counteroffensive and retaken some Russia-occupied areas. The explosion and subsequent damage could be a turning point for Ukraine as Russian troops will have more challenges in getting supplies now, and Ukrainian forces continue advancing in southern regions of their country.

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