Criminals Steal 1,100 Gallons of Liquid Gold as Prices Trend Upward

Criminals Steal 1,100 Gallons of Liquid Gold as Prices Trend Upward

Criminals Find Their Own Clever Solution To Biden’s Exploding Gas Crisis

( – Fuel prices are through the roof, reaching new record-highs almost daily. Inflation, in combination with fuel prices, is putting severe stress on American families as residents try to live their lives, even with only the essentials. The current situation is driving people to do some crazy things, like the two men who recently stole nearly 1,100 gallons of fuel from a gas station.

Fox35 reported on the incident, claiming many criminals are targeting fuel pumps as prices continue to increase. According to the report, on June 1, authorities from the St. Cloud Police Department responded to a call that thieves stole 1,093 gallons of diesel fuel from an unnamed station. Police later posted a description of the suspects and their trucks on Facebook and Twitter.

The Facebook post noted that each suspect was driving a white Ford F-250 between the 2006 and 2009 model years. One vehicle had black running boards and the other had silver ones. Authorities added that both trucks had fuel storage tanks in their beds. Both suspects appeared to be Hispanic, one in a neon green shirt with a white baseball cap and the other wearing a fisherman’s hat and a dark, possibly gray, shirt.

Authorities mentioned criminals are tampering with the pulsators, the devices that detect the amount of gas moving through the pump and determine how much to charge per gallon. Florida Petroleum Marketers Association Executive Director Ned Bowman explained criminals have learned how to change the price of fuel to a penny per gallon.

The St. Cloud Police are asking anyone with information on the two suspects to call Detective Mannix at 407-891-6729.

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