Cross Is All That’s Left Standing After Church Burns To The Ground

Cross Is All That's Left Standing After Church Burns To The Ground

Church-Goers Find Divine Message In The Rubble

( – Fire is a destructive force to reckon with, so the sight of a local church burning is likely hard for many communities. Even so, a symbol of hope emerged from the smoke as firefighters fought one recent blaze: A cross still stood despite the church largely becoming nothing more than ash and charred debris.

On June 17, a fire quickly consumed the Balsora Baptist Church located in Bridgeport, Texas. Firefighters battled the force of nature for some time, even after the roof collapsed over the brigade. The heroes eventually got the blaze under control, when a cross, still standing in the middle of what used to be a house of God, caught everyone’s attention.

The fire department asserted the loss of the church was a “devastating” one, adding the cross standing among the charred rubble was “a sight to behold.” The department added the cross showed the community that the building was nothing more than a structure and that its congregation is wherever two or more people gather. The department initially struggled to contain the blaze, prompting officials to call for reinforcements from 11 other local and state services.

The church, unfazed by the critical blow, gathered for prayer on June 19. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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